“To accompany the producers from the planting of the vineyards to the expression of the aromas in the glass is our objective. During this process, uphill and with more than a few obstacles, our continuous presence if a constant stimulus, capable of moving the energy of the earth, the soul of the producer, and our idea of wine in one, and only one, direction: quality seen as the sole concept which can capture the vibrations of the earth, the light of the sun and the moon, the state of mind of those who cultivate the vines, and our concept of what a wine is meant to be”.


  • planning of structures for the transformation of the grapes
  • guiding the choice of cellar equipment
  • personalized programs for the fermentation of the wines
  • aging strategies for the wines
  • blending of the wines
  • preparation of the bottling of the wines
  • evalaution of the suitability of the corks
  • analytic assistance during the crucial moments of the process of transformation of the grapes and the wines
  • realization of sensorial profiles
  • analytic and sensorial comparison with the wines of competitors
  • experimental micro-vinification
  • selection and reproduction of indigenous yeasts
  • programs for natural fermentation without the use of selected yeasts


  • study of the micro-climate and meso-climate of the estate
  • territorial micro-zoning
  • geological classification of the estate
  • realization of geological profilesof the terrain
  • evaluation of the estate’s quality potential
  • mass and clonal selection of the genetic material to plant
  • planning of the new vineyards to plant
  • programs for combatting vine diseases
  • study of the interaction between soil and variety
  • canopy managemnt
  • kinetics of the polyphenolic maturation
  • programming of winter pruning

…In addition

  • assistance to estates for meeting legal sanitary requirements
  • cellar registers for production and bottling
  • assistance for compliance with ISMECERT (certifying organ) procedures
  • creation of self-administration programs
  • development of UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 programs
  • development of the work safety programs
  • assistance for access to EEC financing