To know that in a territory there are certain vine varieties, grown and produced according to a protocol dictated by tradition or from a specification, puts the consumer, in time of the choice of the wine to buy, in a condition of greater confidence.

The identification of a specific terroir from wine, for the man, was sometimes a necessity arising from the difficult conditions climatic of land adjacent to the border, as did the ancient Egyptians, that chose the Nile Delta as a place for agriculture, in contrast to dryness of the desert.

 There are many definitions of terroir some very ancient, but one of the most simple and complete at the same time is that proposal by INAO (National Institute names of French Origin): “The terroir is a set of land that for the more or less of their variable soils (characters agronomic and geopedologici), their situation and their environment (topography, exposure, etc., influential on mesoclima) turned out, through experience and practice (vines, systems of rearing) conducive to the production of quality wines”.

 There are of the word terroir “resticted definitions” where the focus is placed on the role of the soil of the vineyard, the petrology of substrate, the interaction soil and climate; and “Definitions extended” as the one that considers the terroir as a usual wine, socio-economic and historical.

 Generalised we can say that uniqueness that you create interaction of the characteristics of: soil, a vine, climate, man and culture, can be briefly expressed with the term of terroir.

 A very effective for understanding the role of terroir on the quality of products developed was reported by Jacques fanet: “The soil wine could compare to a photographic film.


It contains all the images that is wanted to preserve, but it is not any interest if it remains that. If you open immediately, it is not nothing more than a common piece of plastic. In order to obtain the development of the images you need to have the products of development as the dark room, the photographic paper; in the same way for soils wine you must have a vine suitable and of a capacity acquired in time to detect all the nuances that the terroir lends in the wine “.

So the terroir as Camera film has need to be developed to be able to show the nuances of lines and its colors.